Exmouth Light Orchestra is a full symphony orchestra, based in Devon, UK. Members come from all over Devon and Somerset and we have some 'home-players' in Southampton, Bath and Taunton playing along to our high quality live-stream rehearsals

Exmouth Light Orchestra

Latest News

Sat 24 February: next rehearsal in the hall at 10:30 am

Mainly working on: Dances With Wolves, Pavane, Phantom, Pirates, Thunder & Lightning, Thunderbirds

Follow the stream here:

Sat 18 May: next public concert 7:30 pm in Exmouth

Future Dates

Sat 17 February: no rehearsal - end of half term

Sat 23 March: final rehearsal of spring term

Sat 13 April: summer term starts

Sat 18 May: summer concert 7:30 pm in Exmouth

Sat 29 June: summer term resumes with new programme

Sat 20 July: tenth & final rehearsal of summer term

Sat 21 September: autumn term starts

Sat 2 November: no rehearsal - end of half term

Sat 14 December: Christmas concert 3:00 pm