Richard Collins penned a poem

Poem celebrating our 10th anniversary in July 2021

6/25/20231 min read

Deep hidden in the depths of soul,

Our music seeks release;

When mortals share that hidden gift

Life’s troubles strangely cease.

Each breath, each note, conductor’s hand,

A joyous offering from the band.

True genius of composers,

Who gave their time to pen

The music flowing through their veins,

Now brought to life again.

In concert halls and studios,

In church and home and street,

Preoccupations briefly stilled,

When our musicians meet.

Many hours are sacrificed,

Rehearsals every week;

Baton up, no time to dream,

We all perfection seek.

The tuning up of instruments,

Before we start to play;

The big trombones request B Flat

The strings they ask for A.

Ten years have passed, we hope to see,

Our orchestra endure;

Rehearsed online in Covid days,

Its future to ensure.

We missed those times together,

The coffee breaks and chat;

New pieces jazz and classic

The notes both sharp and flat.

Gathered in a hilltop church,

The concert to commence;

Our senses primed by those first notes,

A pleasure so intense.

We give thanks for ELO,

Which birthed in Exmouth, Devon;

For those who love this little town -

It is a touch of Heaven.

By Richard Collins (ELO violinist July 2021)